Scout #1: Gee, it’s sure great to get a letter from home when you’re at Boy Scout camp.
Scout #2: Yeah, I got a letter from my Mom today.
Scout #1: Me, too. Listen, my Mom says she’s writing this letter slowly, because she knows I can’t read very fast.
Scout #2: Mine says I won’t know the house when I come home… They’ve moved!
Scout #1: Oh, my Dad has a new job with 500 men under him. He’s cutting the grass at the cemetary.
Scout #2: Our neighbors started a new pig farm. Mom got wind of it this morning.
Scout #1: Oh, my goodness. My little brother came home from school crying because all the other boys had new clothes and we can’t afford any for him. Mom says she got him a new hat and lets him stand in the window.
Scout #2: My Mom wasn’t feeling well so she had her appendix taken out. And, she had a new dishwasher put in.
Scout #1: Hey, my sister just had a baby. Mom doesn’t know if I’m an Aunt or Uncle, because she doesn’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl.
Scout #2: Oh, dear, there’s a P.S. It says, I was going to send you $10.00, but I had already sealed the envelope.
Scout #1: Well, it’s nice to know things are normal at home.
Scout #2: Yep.
(Both exit)


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