These past few days have been nothing less than hilarious and fun and altogether sweeeeet. I’m seriously getting carried away by some new things that have popped up altogether unexpectedly.

I realised that babies evolved over time to be cute. That is to say uncute babies got selected against. And they did this to mask their true nature: the noisy, grumpy, choosy, smelly spoilt brats that dwell within. Those crafty tykes!

And I wondered if actors in a movie or series get paid to continue acting dead. I mean, they could easily spoil the show if they just threw themselves in front of the camera and brought the continuity of the plot into question right?

The 22 worst-named places in the world.

And I still really really need a superpower! The ability to lie [to myself] isn’t powerful enough! I’ll blog on further thoughts on lang uzzle some other time. It’s getting more and more interesting!

Today was great. Pierce Reservoir rawks!! I thought I really preferred talking, but now it’s a tie… :p


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