Le Walkour

I thought I really liked walking. Guess I just wanted to keep moving. What I really need, isn’t a lifetime’s supply of comfortable walking shoes. I really really NEED a Segway x2!

Kidding. I’d really love to have a Segway but I really do like walking too! Walking long-distance. I was doing it even before army. And it’s not even just walking for exercise. It’s walking with a sense of adventure, avoiding all the main roads, ‘bashing’ through urban/suburban and rarely vegetation, heading towards a loosely defined destination region from a suitably far-away starting point, and lately, having the privilege of snapping decent resolution [3MP; I love my K800] pics of unique stuff I see along the way.

Most usually, it’s still-life pictures, of things in perspective or even experiments with light & texture. And there’re some truly unique beautiful things you can see when you DON’T go in search of them. It’s as if only your peripheral vision is capable of catching the visual cues of the beautiful things around you..
Well the photography aspect is new, and I’m hoping to get better at it. And I always find more photo-opportunities when I’m out with other people cos I’m a NT and there’s no limit to how many things I miss that’re right in front of me. But that’s no issue. The ones I do find anyway are really creme de la creme then. So unusual it’s really hard to miss. And yet I prefer the ones that others notice. The ones that don’t really stand-out per se, these tend to be more surreal and ALWAYS invoke such strong sentiments of melancholy.

The art of walking is a game in itself. I’m not into running. Or jogging. I thought I was getting to like it towards the end of army-days, but nah, it’s just not my thing. There’s nowhere I have to get to fast, and if there is, I’d rather leave a bit earlier and walk.

But I can walk fast. Well, relatively speaking. It’s not really fast marching, but a kinda brisk walking into which I try to incorporate basic laws of ragdoll mechanics. And it’s really fun that way. Like holding on to axes [imaginary or otherwise] when turning, skidding when changing direction at high speeds, always finding the path of least resistance in a seething crowd that I always end up walking against, stuff like that. I *know* I’m getting better at it, but despite my refined dodging abilities, I still stumble and bump into people occassionally. That’s something I’m working on. What’s really fun is how exhilarating it gets when you feel so agile.

I’ve got to go.


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