Release the…awful

Eh tutored for the first time. It wasn’t so bad. I see the guy’s potential, or I’ll force myself to. I think I did a good job; time will tell.

And Mao thinks anyone could’ve been better cast as Spider-man except Tom Cruise [think: modified mask to just cover eyes so he can show off his hairstyle and sickening smile.] and Jack Nicholson [actually, a younger Jack would make an awesome Venom!! He’s got the jaw and the snarl].

And what a rollercoaster ride! I’m opinionated to a large extent, but I haven’t even taken in the tip of the iceberg of a few issues that seem to be at the general forefront of the generic human’s existence. It all starts from within they say, spiritual and all that. I guess I wanted to believe if I started liking everyone, I’d maybe hate myself a bit less. Nada, didn’t work. Don’t bother. “No” rhymes with “don’t know”; perhaps for a reason.

I also watched a very funny movie. Bollywood is catching up! Pyaar ke Side Effects was a great show. Can I have that on DVD?

If we used to talk in code Gobs, and we still do, does that mean we’re back to normal or never were? I don’t know what to think anymore. Everything’s happening too fast. Six months isn’t such a long time. Six out of 50*12. My brain stills shits itself thinking of the life after 50afterlife.

Can you really blame a bloke nowadays? Myopia? This is 2007. The age of empowerment and enlightenment. Bifocals on. Aw crap, shit ahead.  Polarised filters on. There’s only shit on the sides 🙂 The path is fine. Pink tints for the gh3y effect; awww shit is actually pretty in pink!

I’m NOT in a good mood. Even ebony gods need a break.


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