On the lookout!

Speaking of synchronicity, which totally ties in with affirmations and the total abundance of incoincident happenings, I made a list of desirable qualities I’d really go head over heels for in a person of the opposite sex, and the very next day I’m introduced to this webcomic. Totally sidestepping the emo-connection I perceive, I learnt a new thing today: The Second Law of Sexual Dynamics.

So I was semi-convinced into making this list which seems to be at apparent loggerheads with some points in the previous list. Namely, no marriage, no kids and avoid relationships if possible. Marriages are stupid, and kids are avoidable easily. [Contraception: mirth without the birth according to the Cynic’s Dictionary]. And avoiding relationships just cos I don’t wanna get married is not a good enough reason? Plus I’m becoming overconfident soon, so previously innate inferiority complexes go down the crapper. They have to!

Anyway, perfection [part two of the affirmations series] is as follows [Again, this is not in order of importance]:

1. Short-medium length dark-hair. No artificial dyes [I suppose highlights and the likes are fine.] Why? Cos short hair is a symbol of empowerment and the rejection of age-old cliches at a fundamental level. And it’s hawt!

2. [This is embarassing a bit.] Gosurori!! At least the propensity to wear it once in a while? The youthful [uhm NOT pre-pubescent] look. A bit of a Peter-Pan complex? Spectacles over contact lenses. Even after Lasik. Pretty and homely, as opposed to gorgeous or beautiful or drop-dead stunning. I want a real person, not a mantlepiece.

3. Unreligious, or at least agnostic/apathetic. This is a must. I don’t expect anyone to convert cos of me, and I deserve the reciprocation. Alternative value systems, or at least tolerant of ’em. Alternative tastes? I like fringe culture; at least I’m tolerant. Cohabitation-friendly; screw the nay-sayers! Willing to adopt.

4. Rational, as opposed to being overly passionate without good reason for the convictions. Even so, passionate enough to not not be lost to apathy. I’m not making sense.

5. Jovial, and optimistic. Like me? Muahaha. Not too serious. Witty? Oh here it comes, the staple of personals columns worldwide: GSOH. There, I said it. But no it doesn’t stop there. I’ll change it. WSOH. Warped/weird sense of humour. Match me.

6. Relatively more dominant, and decisive. The INTP descriptions are right; I spend way too much time second-guessing myself. So. And must be able to force me to do stuff I wouldn’t normally do, cos I don’t do a lot of stuff, and I don’t wanna miss out on potentially fun stuff! And I do need directions pointed out for me.

7. Travelbug. Otherwise, my road-trips wont be as interesting!

8. Humanitarian. Sees the innate potential of every human being. Understands the benefits of transhumanism. So if I get momentarily disillusioned, she’ll bring me back to the Middle Path. Vocal and activistic. What’s better than dying for a cause? Living for it. [Bertrand Russell says: Don’t die for your country. Kill for it. Thanks Mithi]

9. Not overly sophisticated. Appreciative of the simple[r] life without the trappings of blatant materialism. Just with designer furniture and cool gadgets. Surely it can’t be THAT bad giving overpriced restaurants a miss? Expensive doesn’t mean good, not necessarily.

10. Good in english [another fetish]. Knowledgeable [in which case, must have a good voice since we’ll end up spending a lot of time talking. NOT screechy, shrill or anything remotely banshee-like]. /Smut alert: infornography and all that. Talking is like porn. I need to be alone now /end smut.

11. Independent and self-entertaining. Cos I suspect I’m a bit of a workaholic. [What? Stop laughing.. you just haven’t seen me working on interesting stuff! Pfft. The slacker is just a facade. I think…] Just saying she must have her own life, and her own set of activities. Her own person.

12. Secure. As in not insecure. Not overly insecure anyway. But I’ll work on being perceptive and picking up on perceived shortcomings and assuaging fears and all that as well.

13. Mature [mentally at least. At least once in a while]. Older and motherly? Muahaha living out the Oedipal dream! [That was a joke.]

14. Girly yet tomboyish. Doesn’t seem to be a specific word for this, so I’ll abbreviate it. GYT. Doesn’t mind getting dirty and sweaty in a jungle-trail but still freaks out if she sees a bug. That’s seriously kawaii! [I refuse to use the c-word]

15. Fun. To be with. To talk to. To hang out with. To talk about.

See? That wasn’t so bad. I’m not being too demanding am I?
Now I gotta make myself worthy of the goddess described above.


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