Ushnish says

Ushnish told me a joke yesterday.

There’s this big company’s CEO in a board meeting trying desperately to salvage his dying company. Suddenly time freezes, everyone can hear everything but can’t move at all, and a fairy/angel appears to the CEO and tells him he can have one wish and he can choose between insane amounts of money or knowledge of everything [no-brainer!]
And this is actually also a philosphical deep guy, and he’s not as caught up in materialism as his branded clothes and position would make him seem, and so he actually thinks very hard and he finally chooses the knowledge option.
The angel grants the wish and time moves on normally. Now everyone in the room heard and saw what happened and they’re all looking at the CEO, who is frowning in deep thought. And after a long awkward silence, he goes, “Damn, I should’ve taken the money!”

I don’t want to end up like that. Hmmm.


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