30 things to do in 30 years

Time to make lists. Lots of lists. Part of the affirmations series.
[it’s NOT a cumulative nor chronological list.]

1. Either embrace the suppressed preferences [MBTI] wholly or stay the same, no interim behaviour. IMPORTANT! Make more acquaintances, and a few more friends, no cap on brudder/sistas. Preach universal brotherhood. Learn to flirt. Avoid relationships, where applicable. Meh, it won’t happen anyway.. On that note: MUST become sarcastic again. For protection. And NOT get married even once [let alone thrice according to palmistry; the alimony alone will destroy me]

2. Wake up my idea. Study smart [and hard?] Ace my degree. Get a postgrad scholarship. [pref Canada]

3. Become outspoken [stop mumbling]. Become a public speaking expert. Work at becoming over-confident [hard!], and say what I mean and mean everything I say. [Thinking about adopting activistic causes. Neo-Marxism FTW! Legalise Marijuana. I need to find a yellow-ribbon; freedom for ex-convicts. Pro-choice. Euthanasia is NOT wrong. Transhumanism?]

4. Start saving [a decent amount]. I need to be self-sufficient too. That means part-time work during Uni AND no gadgets. It’s bad enough I wasted $10k I could’ve saved during NS [I don’t regret buying the stuff I did, but it wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do] It’ll be worth it.

5. Act. In at least one major production. ‘Nuff said. Direct/Produce/Patronise the arts, while funding noble scientific ventures and defending new sciences from unreasonable ethical debates.

6. Learn two new languages [at least fluency in speech and diction. Prob Jap and Java [kidding] some European classical language?]

7. Choose a specialty/major like no other OR a different postgrad major for major coolness. [Seriously though, I’m looking at biomed engg or indus sys engg. Depends.]
Maybe invest in business with Adhi. If he meant it…
OR at least get a good interesting job that I can stay focussed on for at least…a year at a time?

8. Get a bike license. Get a car license, just for the sake of learning a skill. Get a cool bike [and MotoX-type helmet!].

9. Get dual-citizenship; retain Indian nationality [my roots.] Move the hell out of the tropics, North or South, just not the equator. And stay out. [Life’s enemies: Gravity and the Sun]

10. Lotsa road-trips. Traveling, my style. Low cost factor, max fun/experience. Maybe pick up geocaching. First up, World Heritage Sites.

11. Find a seaside/lakeside apartment with a magnificent view. Slowly build up my collection of designer furniture muahaha. Yes, and Macs too.

12. Start teaching. I think I feel a calling as a pedagogue, so it warrants a look. [Note to self: Check out for volunteer-work at RMH] Lose the misanthropy; be genuinely interested in every person [no promises].

13. Check out occult/esoteric knowledge. Passing knowledge of palmistry and astrology. Conversant in various mythos. Like Constantine. Cos there’s an element of truth in everything.

14. Save the planet; find a way to remove 100mill tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere /yr I think. Collect 13m pounds.

15. Make sure I’ll be financially comfortable and dedicate part of the excess to humanitarian causes. It’s time to develop Africa, among other things.

16. Play a role in shaping international policy WITHOUT being a politician. There ARE other ways. Govts listen to people not vice versa. World government anyone?

17. [Ok fine! You made a point..] Perseverance and tenacity. Working on it. I won’t give up on my violin and I’ll pick up Aikido [maybe]. Try my UTMOST to keep in touch. If it fails, it won’t be my fault.

18. If at all possible, be responsible for at least one adopted child. NEVER have kids of my own [altruism at work!]

19. Learn something new everyday. Actually remember the stuff. Never lose my thirst for knowledge. Lose the arrogance and snobbishness. Exude magnanimity and goodwill [gasp!]. Always be willing to educate the fellow man; and never be too proud to learn from someone else.

20. Become bloody famous, [NOT notorious…]. The world will celebrate my existence. [Okay at this point, you know I’m running out of points]

21. Try and be truly independent. Learn to be self-sufficient. Learn to cook, and remember to pay the bills promptly [I might need help with taxes though]. Take care of my health [pfft, only human!] and live healthily. No promises about running to doctors for every stupid self-diagnosed symptom though, I REFUSE to become a hypochondriac.

22. Write a book [fiction or otherwise]. Actually write it. No really. Read all the uniquest books in the world, among others. At least TRY and remember the stories after I’m done.

23. Speaking of memories, actively realise and set aside special moments for future memories. Like a mental Kodak moment. I’ve only ever done that once so far. Sometimes the process is as important as the end and people are not just details. Like these few months. *Remember remember and don’t ever forget*

24. Be sincere, and and NEVER pretend to be more sophisticated than I actually am. [I know how fake that looks; I’ve seen it.] On that note, also be stoic and maintain a bit of melancholy to stay cool in the most trying situations. [Apparently I already have a poker face] BUT at the same time, try to live a little. Sucks to be miserable.

25. NEVER smoke. [Probably] NEVER drink. Not because I think it’s wrong, but cos I have no interest in them and I REFUSE to do them to please other people. Cannabis and LSD? Definitely maybe probably.

26. Collect all the DVDs of the movies and TV shows that deserve to be part of my collection. Actually watch every single show/episode. Buy the albums of my favourite artists. My “pad” will ALWAYS have music playing, constantly. The ambience will be priceless. [I pray for intelligent time-sensitive playlists. Apple, fix this!]

27. NEVER needlessly and artificially try to extend my lifespan. If it’s my time to go, it is. Predestiny, right? I don’t want to elaborate further.

28. Live by my principles. Cultivate and pursue priority processes. Prove that it’s your choice HOW you live your life. Precession shall dictate my every action [hopefully]. Loyalty and sincerity are more than just words, right? Life’s too short to dabble with all possible shades of grey.

29. Lose my prejudices. Treat everyone equally until they prove undeserving. And even then. [Sounds impossible even as I say it. And I’m aware it’s a bit naive. But that’s why I’m not you. And I’ll be better than you. But I’ll still admire you.]

30. Start working on these things. RIGHT NOW. No procrastination! See what I want, go get it.


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