Oh, the irony

I know this is old news, but T-rex genome was found to match that of a chicken to a large extent.

That’s funny at first, and you think about the cultural implications.
When you say someone’s chicken, you mean they’re scared.
But if you’d said that at an earlier time [say 65mya?], then a chicken would’ve been “scary”.

So has the meaning changed? Or not? Should meaning carry historical stigma?

Like the word number, for example. Humans in general are not built to interpret figures innately. Figures in every sense are relation models for comparison. A billion is a billion times of one. Even now a billion is just a vague term, you can’t actually imagine what it means. Meaning to say if you saw a cube with billion-metre sides, you couldn’t say for sure it’s a billion, you’d say it’s very big.

So numbers are numbing, mentally. It’s just a vague concept. Maybe.


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