Date with destiny

I used to believe in free will, but with a specific destination. Like a quantum particle shot towards a wall can only be expected to land in one spot [a major probability] but the path it takes to get there can be a series of unnecessary detours.

But not anymore. Well, at least to a lesser extent. I’m sold on determinism. It’s everywhere. In the stars [astrology IS a science, to me], in our genes, in our palms [another questionable science], on our faces, at the heart of our actions, and preferences, among others?

There’s a reason for everything, otherwise there would be no need for science. And if there’s a reason for everything, then even the most incredible stories are inspired and vastly exaggerated, but never completely fictional.

What happened was meant to happen because it couldn’t have happened any other way. If it had, by the same concept, reversed, you probably didnt happen or you probably didnt happen to be you as you know yourself now; you get my drift?
Like an extension of the anthropic principle.

So what are we supposed to do? Well you can assume that you can cheat fate by not doing anything at all. That is the best way to show that you have free will and are not some remote-controlled robot. But what if you were destined to think that, and waste your life [and muscles away]? How would you know?

Evidence for determinism is abundant, literally all over the place, as opposed to the dearth of proof of free will.
The sun rises in the east. No matter what, you die.
Atheists and creationists will tell you the slim probability of life occurring as we know it but use it in different opposing contexts, but the essence of the message is this: it couldn’t have happened any other way. Perhaps even one extra speck of antimatter would’ve caused the universe to unexist as quickly as it began to exist.

So are we free? Is there free will? I think there is, to a limited extent. Like free will to do damage control. Incidents are like scenarios, and you can react to them as you wish. But how you react is a direct function of what you’ve experienced thus far, and in context, the range of possible expectable actions by you fall from infinity to some conceivable range of 100s-1000s at most. And every nanosecond closer to the decision-making instant, the possibilities get whittled down to the inevitable one that you probably were destined to choose, leaving you with only the illusion of free will.

It’s like playing pinball. The ball WILL fall out. How long it takes, and the path it follows, is seemingly random. You have free will to react near the paddles, or if need be, tilt the damn thing but the inevitable WILL happen. The ball will fall. Because the paddles don’t cover the aperture, just funnel it. But you can engineer the path to take some truly breathtaking turns.

It’s like Tetris
. Where you don’t choose the next block shape, but you can predict or have a clue, and you just deal with what life throws at you. Make no mistake, the screen WILL fill up.

The important thing to realise if you read all this is that, for it to be true, we are pawns as well as players. We are pawns in everyone else’s perception. And in the grand scheme of things, we are pawns in Life’s way, in Time’s way. We are the tools to an unforeseeable end. Possibly.

So, what does this mean? So are we to act on impulse or rational thought? Which of these is what *we* as individuals think rather than just playing our role? Is there no escape?
I say, do as thou wilst. At least do what you’d normally do. Cos it’s probably what was meant to happen. Even if you think you did something you normally wouldn’t do, firstly you’d never know if you were[n’t] meant to make an exception, and discounting that, the inevitable will still happen, only with a change in parameters.

Quote: I say, evolve, and let the chips fall where they may. ~ Tyler Durden

Fatalism and determinism go hand in hand. Intelligently design your own experience, from the limited catalogue of probable possibilities.

Wish me luck. I go to have my fortune told.

PS: I’m also going to be late. The sun rises in the east.


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