Novus Ordo Mundi

Is the status quo THAT good? Anything that challenges it is BOUND to be bad? New World Order is a conspiracy? What’s wrong with a One World Government if it’s going to be fairer than localised corrupted cesspools?

THIS is the conspiracy. HERE and NOW is the treason and betrayal.

Some secretive group of people, practically invisible to the public eye, yet so influential they can control the economy and entire governments, getting richer and more powerful at the expense of others, harbouring secrets that we can’t even begin to imagine. How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

People like these just embarass themselves. See earlier posts on zealots. Regardless of your individual faith, find a moderate way to practise it.

And I notice most of the most vehement objections against orders such as Freemasonry and Illuminati are by people wih extreme Christian views; supposedly even reading books about astrology and serpent worship is an indication of Satanic/Occult interests/practices. Even if they’re right, for the love of free will, why should anyone care what anyone else does? Just be a little angel and you get your front row seats on Judgement Day. Leave the sinners alone. If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be quite so special eh?

Of course, I hope and personally believe that the New World Order will be largely benefic, not actively capitalistic, racially tolerant, religiously moderate, opportunity-wise egalitarian, where corporate power is allowed but capped, where political agendas are not fuelled or justified by religion, where laws are not fuelled or justified by religion etc etc.

Of course, One World Govt can also slowly pave the way to One Man Regime. I was going to disagree with this…[how can one person rule over 6.5bn [or even a fraction of that number] people without ANY resistance that won’t almost immediately destroy the regime?] Then I thought of Stalin.

It doesnt HAVE to be that way.
It can mean human/animal/proletarian rights laws are internationally enforced regardless of geographic region, culture, tradition, religion, industry and so on. New World Order means no visas or passports. Birds and insects don’t have them, why do we? New World Order means universal currency; no more mucking around with foreign exchange rates and crashes in foreign markets. New World Order means open and all-inclusive societies.

I wanna be enlightened. I want to see the circle beyond the dot. I want to believe in the possibilities. I want to see every option even if I can’t make the choice. Fight the good fight. Let me in!


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