Race and religion. Regardless of, I mean.

So supposing there is a connection between race and ability and thought processes, then would it be too much to realise that, since religions sprouted in specific individual parts of the world, they were manmade?

And one symptom they all shared is that some, if not many, of their earliest rituals are region-specific. There may even be one or two rituals that may not be easily performed in an exact manner in any other place without some modification. I can’t speak for all religions, but for example, the death prayers ritual involves proximity to a river to throw the ashes [of cremated relatives] into and subsequently bathe in. Hindusim flourished in the Ganges Basin.

Moreover, realise that if religion IS right and gods DO exist, then there are only two possibilities. Different pantheons only favour selected peoples [cos they only chose to reveal themselves to that specific group; if not, then the same religion would’ve had followers in different places of the world at the same time before contact with the rest of the world] OR gods were local legends that got exaggerated by word of mouth to mythological fugures and over time, became celestial and powerful [to believers]. The former is probably a no-go, cos it would mean that freedom of religion wouldn’t exist by virtue of the religion, not even by extraneous laws in that region. Which would mean, in an parallel dimension, Westerners can’t be Christian unless they’re specifically identified as descendants of Jesus’s followers.
The latter is a nice way of saying gods don’t exist, or you’re just worshipping some guy who killed a 30meter snake a long long time ago.

And guess what? I think this is something original. I don’t think anyone’s thought of this particlar chain of reasoning before. Gimme a Nobel Prize already!


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