I can taste your stench; it’s repulsive.

And some parents expect you to actually respect them solely for the act of bringing you into this glorious life of opportunities galore. Idiots. And I mean parents, elders in general. And people who believe in benevolent higher beings who are always looking out for us. Faith is blind, but it doesn’t have to be a symptom of mental retardation!

The Missing Women debate: One of the more “novel” methods is to feed babies hot spicy chicken soup. They writhe and scream for a few hours and die. Anyone who investigates is told the baby was suffering from bloated tummy and was fed chicken soup to ease the discomfort.

Homosexuality is illegal in 70 countries. In 9 of them, it’s punishable by death.
I don’t know why it happens, I don’t care. It happens, and there’s no good reason it shouldn’t. What’s next, Big Brother?

One in five on the planet live on under a US$1 a day. The richest 1% earn more than the poorest 57%. That’s just ridiculous. Maybe I’m too simple, but $1 million can help you buy so many things. Ok, 10million should be more than enough for a VERY comfortable retirement. 50million, is a bit too much; you sure you’ve been paying your taxes? But some people, they have more wealth than that. I can’t imagine what they possibly couldn’t buy with that kind of money. And if you have more than enough money to buy the most expensive thing in the world, why would you need even more money? Hoarding; the fearsome dragons who jealously guard a treasure they have no need for. I’m sure they pay considerable taxes [or maybe not], and some even give away billions to charity [like Gill Bates, you know?], but that’s not the point. I don’t care if they have the money, keep the money, throw the money away, they can burn it in their fireplaces for all I care. I want to know what kind of fair system allows for this kind of financial inequality. The point isn’t what they’re doing with the money [well that’s another story anyway], it’s why they have THAT much money in the first place.

Child labour: The irony of it all. International outcry forces massive cutdown of child labour, and places with child labourers are shut down. That’s very noble, isn’t it? The officials think their job is done. There’s nothing more they can do. The need for money, the reason they’re labouring, is still around. So the kids have to stoop to lower, sleazier means to earn.

Less than 1 percent of food additives by weight actually serve to preserve the food. What use is printing all the various E-values, if not many know what they are or what they do, if they care at all.

Tiger Woods is paid $55,000 a day to wear Nike caps; Thai workers are paid $4 a day to make them [read: many many Nike caps].

The world’s fossil fuels could run out by 2040. Thank you, my revered ancestors for ensuring such bleak times ahead. I’m sure it builds character.

There are more suicides than war casualties every year. Now you know why you can never find enlightened people for advice.

I found this instantly infuriating: There are more than 27 million slaves today. It starts with having people to drive your car and cook your food and sweep your houses. Soon it starts to feel like you’re actually giving them gainful employment, you’re bloody generous; paying people to do what you could do yourself. Just keep repeating that clause. It goes from noble to sick and doesn’t take too long to do that either. If it’s bad enough when considered a luxury, I can’t imagine when the line is crossed and you feel others should be duty-bound to serve your royal bottom.

There’s all that and more in jessica Williams’ 50 Things That Should Change The World.
But they probably won’t.


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