The Scientific Party

Found on a friend’s [acquaintance? blurred lines] blog:

Observations at a party for famous Scientists:

•Everyone gravitated toward Newton, but he just kept moving around at
a constant velocity and showed no reaction.

•Einstein thought it was a relatively good time.

•Coulomb got a real charge out of the whole thing.

•Cauchy, being the only mathematician there, still managed to
integrate well with everyone.

•Ohm spent most of the time resisting Ampere’s opinions on current

•Volt thought the social had a lot of potential.

•Faraday had quite a capacity for food.

•Van der Waals forced himself to mingle.

•Wien radiated a colourful personality.

•de Broglie mostly just stood in the corner and waved.

•Stefan and Boltzmann got into some hot debates.

•Everyone was attracted to Tesla’s magnetic personality.

•Watt turned out to be a powerful speaker.

•Hertz went back to the buffet table several times a minute.


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