Chapter 4: Refuge

Geez, this…weather. It’s unbearable. It’s sweltering. No mercy. I just want to collapse, and burrow into the…damn even the sand is baked. Gotta keep…moving. Just a bit more till the top of the dune. Seems to be the highest one in the region. Maybe I can get some orientation. Lost sense of direction after the sand devil last night. Gotta get some shade…and some tools to repair my GPS circuits. Shade first. Think later. Shut down and walk.

Keyword: trudge. No grip in fine sand. One step upward, two steps in every other direction. Almost there. Keep moving. Almost at the top. Almost. There. Pheew, what a view. The gold plating on barren deadlands. Oh! There’s even a imaginary percussion to drumroll this moment. However faint and treblish. Wait a minu…
Oh no you don’t. C’mere you. Don’t you realise how weak you are in comparison? That I can just crush your reptilian skull without even trying too hard? That your haemotoxic venom will have little or no effect on me? That your unmoisturized derriere is just a toy to me? How did you even find me? I dont have a heat signature your pits can detect, hmmm, or do I?
Oh stop that hissing.
If I do have a heat signature, then it’ll be easier for them to track me. I’ve got to get to civilization.
I said, stop that hissing. Here, lemme help to shut you up.
Who knew ossified cartilage cracked that loudly? I’m not particularly thirsty, but the blood seems very tempting. Hmm, tastes…different. Less uric acid? Nice…nicer anyway than Dr Chekov’s blood. Ugh.

I’m just going to sit down here and ponder. Burning sand, I fogot. Scanning immediate surroundings: infrared filter. Unusually areas somewhere there. Sonic data relay suggests rock formations. Might be a cave. Less than 10 minutes away. Just behind the next dune. Might as well.


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