End of an era: Ode to the greats

This is almost depressing, I’m seriously affected here.
I’m not going to be a fanboy for the length of this article, I promise.

To understand my sentiments, do please this article first. Vista is the Last OS.

For quite some time, I’ve been mourning, and I’m not alone, the imminent departure of Steve Jobs from The Apple scene. Most are convinced, with good reason, that Steve Jobs is without doubt, the reason Apple Inc has such a stellar range of products and such a loyal fanbase in a niche market, despite vastly lesser market share.

But after reading the abovementioned article, I realised something. In a couple of years, all the grumbling about Windows and all the Macintosh coo-ing [or vice-versa] might still be around, but the people who started off this revolution will be gone. And it will be the end of a glorious era.

Bill Gates, born Oct 28 1955, and Steve Jobs, born Feb 24 1955 [yeap same year!], have both in their own way pioneered and defined the age of personal computing. Just think, if Steve Jobs hadn’t persuaded his friend Steve Wozniack [I still can’t believe he had a highly trained RDF then itself] to “help” him build the Apple I, based on thier succesful ventures in computing at a local Homebrew Computer Club, computers would have never left the industries and come into households. Then again, Bill Gates was the one who managed to make a deal with IBM and license their revolutionary DOS. Without DOS and its successful infiltration into IBM clones, systems may have never found their way home.

For a very accessible account of the story of their early years in the industry, I highly recommend Pirates Of The Silicon Valley. For more details, you may even check out the PBS series Attack of The Nerds [or was it revenge?].

I typed a pretty long post, but then I realised there is nothing I can say that will both be reverent and fully appreciative of these two people’s crucial roles in the infocomm revolution they sparked off. After stellar performances, these guys are gonna leave the industry like comets, leaving everyone bathed in the brilliance they exhaled for a long time to come. Then what?


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