The adventure continues?

Chapter 1
The following is “Chapter 2”

End of the line. Not a station though. Bombed right in the middle, what do you call these? Trussies? Can’t get to the other side. No entry. My empire, geographically dictated by a canyon.

Think Ian, think. What to do? What to do? What would McGuyver do? Jokes asi…ok shut up, I like this song.

Feels surreal. Good music. Cool wind. Sunrise? Have I been riding that long? Keep up the good work Harley. Damn, low on juice. Dammit, think.

Keyword: insane. Look, I’m sorry alright. I know you carried me this far but you’re outta juice, and I’m outta credits and we’re outta luck. Ok? I can’t leave you lying around so they can play treasure hunt. I am no movin’ X.
Harley darlin’, try to understand.
Well of course I haven’t figured out what to do yet. But you ain’t comin’.

Keyword[s]: bloody insane. I’m gonna jump. And you’re gonna help me. And then you’re gonna leave, and join big sister in that pile down there.
How many people do you think were in THAT carriage? Cos there’s not much of it left.

Keyword: velocity. Terminal speed 65.3mph in 200 yards. Think you can manage that?
‘Course you can, I’ll guide you darlin’. I will, like I always have.
Ok let’s go. It’s gettin’ hot. And darlin’, g’bye.

Keyword[s]: accelerated motion. Keyword: disengage. Keyword: jump.

Hit the ground. Be flexible. Buckle your knees. Roll in direction of motion. Keyword: impulse. Sorta like spreading the force of impact like rolling kneaded[?] dough. Very easy really.
Kneaded? Is there such a word? Gotta stop rolling first. Can’t think.

Ow! Stupid cactus. Almost hurt the family jewels.
Family. What’s family to a tube baby?

Bye Harley. Hi barren desert.


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