Excerpt from "Jesus thinks you’re a jerk."

It may sound inhumane, but many years ago I stopped feeling much of anything when I hear about violence in the Middle East. There are two reasons for this: the violence is caused by religious fanaticism, and it happens every fucking day. To me (and I’ll freely admit that this is due in part to me being an American sitting in comparitive luxury half the globe away) a car bomb killing 10 people in the Gaza Strip is about as newsworthy as turning on the TV and seeing, “This just in: a man was mugged in New York City today. We’ll have the details at 11:00.” If you knew two people who did nothing day in and day out for years but slug each other in the head with lead pipes, how long would it take you to stop asking them if they want to play Parchisi with you? If it were up to me, I’d have a sturdy and tall wall build around the region and tell the occupants, “Okay, the rest of us are tired of watching this shit. When you’ve settled your differences and can play nicely with the rest of us, give this gate a good solid knock. Oh, and if you settle your religious differences but still want a reason to kill each other, try crack.” Actually, I think we would’ve done this already were it not for the fact that we like to drive our cars.

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