Aiming for cyberpunk

Keyword: sepia. Amber ambience. Damn, am I the only one with the good taste to appreciate calmer neon lights than these sodium vapour infernos? Mangy orange, rotten tangerine, shit brown, the visible light spectrum available on the autobahns.

The only wind is the turbulence you leave behind. Rain is reserved for the encyclopedias of natural history. The Arctic won’t last much longer they say; another decade max, give or take two. Those Martian ice cap probe results better be positive.

Bike’s starting to choke on its own exhaust at 100mph. Just a while more harley darlin’, not long now. Empty roads, faster rides.

Keyword: implants. Reach behind any ear and stroke gently. Erogenous zones aside, convenient cranny to access a modem. Broadband streaming commencing…server address i41.n34.264.24 … biometric autentication successful. This is taking too long. Just play already! Random playlist selection: Grunge. Aah audible sedative. The beauty of dissonance; gotta love 90s music. They were still making music then, not experimenting with the limits of tolerance.

Pop-in. GreenHill Zone. Haha very funny. Suppose I should grow spikes and pay for a speed boost? Look at the tracks. Now that IS funny. Relics of a bygone era; were train rides fun at all? Can’t begin to imagine. Hit the tracks. Follow.

Keyword: relax. Autopilot on. Full speed ahead Harley.

found this in a long lost notebook. Must’ve been written in a less eventful era.


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