Covenants, Space Marines, and a Master Chief. Hell yeah!

Halo actually has a very good storyline. Even better than Far Cry and definitely better than fear. In fact, playing it, I had even more fun than I’ve had with any FPS ever before [even HL…] The optional vehicles, the driving levels, the twist, and decently-paced action, that wasn’t too easy OR too hard.

I was initially appalled by the graphics [especially during the cut-scenes] but during gameplay, the engine does a pretty good job and I wasn’t disappointed. Music was great, weapons were really diverse and it WAS a challenge deciding which weapons to carry along [since yyou can only carry two at a time].

I can’t stop singing praises about the vehicle variety, and how well they handle [especially compared to Far Cry]. I’m really impressed! I wanna play again!


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