If he fails, you can always hit the reset button.

I’m not kidding, that line’s from the official trailer for Final Fantasy 7 [yeah it actually had TWO trailers!! [that I know of anyway]]

I finally completed it. Final Fantasy 7. Daym they don’t weave stories that good anymore. I say this after being disappointed by FEAR. I want to run back to BG2’s apron-strings.

But seriously this is one unpredictable story. The first time I saw those three pose for the picture, I underestimated the poignance, just thinking it was the game’s way of showing how former friends end up becoming sworn enemies. But the shocking revelation, MON DIEU!!

Anyway, after restarting more than twice, the tedium of seeing the same ol’ initial FMVs was starting to get to me, so I got myself some Jenova lovin’ and started off the game with all mastered materia and a gold chocobo. Yep, I cheated. Sue me. Geez I went all the way into the Northern Crater in Disc 3 before I realised, too late, that there were still tons of stuff to do before meeting the final boss. I assumed the Northern Crater part was similar to the inflexible transition between desc 1 and 2.

So anyway, this time round I rushed through the game [Enemy Away materia works wonders…I think I finished the entire saga in about less than 9hours], finally got to meet Emerald Weapon, got Cloud’s Ultima Weapon. I DIDN’T get to see everyone’s final Limit Breaks [I’d have loved to see Vincent’s Chaos], and I DIDN’T get to fight Ruby Weapon [I couldn’t find it; it wasn’t in the desert!!], so I’m a bit peeved.

FF7, is electrifying. Uber-cool, epic. I can’t stop singing its praises.
And read this; there may be more to FF7 than just what’s presented in the game…

If Square Enix is really making a remake, then that would be the single most influencing factor for me to even WANT to buy a PS3..

In case you didn’t know, that’s a frame-for-frame remake of the original FF7 intro, with PS3 worthy, FF7AC-themed graphics. And it looks awesome if you ask me.


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