Fortune-telling: ironic

She looks into the crystal ball and peers closely. You try to see what she sees and you probably don’t see anything but her gnarly fingers on the other side, warped terribly by the spherical refraction. And then she says, “What good fortune!” and your eyes light up. “This time next month, you’ll inherit…”
“Damn, I’ll still be alive? Where’s the good fortune already?”

I for one, will repeat the same thing again and again, that since everything happens for a reason, according to me, there is an element of truth to everything, even esoteric beliefs [like the various theologies] or fantastic ideas [like dragons and griffins and elves and gnomes].

I was thinking about the concept of it, aloud, with a friend, and some freaky ideas came up.
Ok, first up, assuming fate is predetermined, or at least as “The Oracle” said, “easily determined by the choices we make or can be expected to make”, then perhaps there ARE people who can tap into this particular channel of cosmic information. In that case, there are two possibilities. Either, what is foretold, is told in such a way [with or without the soothsayers’ knowledge] that it compels you to act such that the end result is what has been written in stone. Meaning to say, the soothsayer says what you need to hear, and not necessarily what really is.

Or, it could be that the soothsayer says exactly what is going to happen, and in doing so, he/she makes the choices you might have to face for you, stumbling blindly is an everbranching maze, [hoping to get a good result], then it is set in stone [because the choice has been made?]. Then it’s either a boon or a curse isn’t it? Hmmm. This is a bit like Final Destination. Death [or in this case, Fate] has a plan, and try as you might to ouwit or oulive, events set in motion because of your turbulence will conspire to eliminate itself [and therefore you].

Worse yet is the idea of fate misleading you, so that you set out in a seeming turbulent course doing things you’d normally never do, so that it ends up the way it’s supposed to.

All these revolve around the central theme that there is such a thing as fate, aplied in one way or another. Yet I don’t like to believe in predestiny, only destiny. Destiny is purpose. Destiny is the reason you were created. Now we may not live up to out destinies, but if we did, that’d be the path of greatest effect for advancement of the entire human race. If we don’t fulfil our destinies, then the goal will remain, for some other unwitting human being to stumble upon and discover and fulfil. We all have specific roles, but we are not indispensable to achive them. The cool thing about this is, while there is a sense of being told what to do, there is no nagging feeling of being told how to do it. And you don’t have to invoke ideas of gods, or mysterious women who weave human fates into a connecting tapestry.

What say you?


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