More miracle than myth

Every time I convince myself astrology can’t be all THAT accurate [how can so many people who somehow were born in the same region at the same time on a particular day, month and/or year have similar astrological portraits? Even if that’s possible, how can something like planetary movements and [human-perceived] star formations predict or sometimes even dictate the mindset of a person [which I assume to be intimately connected to the workings of their individual brains]? To even believe it possible would be to adopt a very human-centric view of our solar system and indeed, the universe. The laws of physics are not the way they are so it’s easier for others to undersand our motivations and temperament. Besides I like to think of myself as one of a kind, and as such to be easily classified into a subgroup with countless others is pretty scary.

However it’s alarmingly true, most, if not all, of the things predicted. In a way, I feel like I AM a Gemini with the Moon in Sagittarius, ruling planet Mercury in Cancer and Virgo Rising, Descendant in Pisces and Midheaven in Gemini, born in the “week” of Third Decan. Just the sheer number of subcategories, under the broad one of Gemini, all differing wildly from counterparts thanks to time differences in minutes even, makes such a detailed profile seem plausible.

In fact, I think I could even one day be convinced of the science behind astrology, if there’s such a thing. Now numerology is another matter. I have tried it [well I calculated by birth number, soul number, personal number, life number and what not, but the descriptions for these seemed too random, too vague to actually make sense. Besides, the very notion that the decimal base is used EVEN for the alphabets, of which ONLY English alphabets can be “converted” losslessly makes the system seem pretty shaky. Even so, let’s just say the number arrived at by adding alphabets of my name, and if double/triple digit numbers occur, adding up the digits repeatedly until only 1 digit or 11 or 21 remains, actually might indicate something truthful. Think about this. This would mean, in some rudimentary way, that the essence of your name is being put to the test. What if you don’t like your given name? Is it ok to use a nickname or pseudonym you identify with rather than a given name you feel has no connection with your mode of vibration so to speak? Hmmm point to ponder.


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