Curious observations

Notice how collections only really start to grow when you suddenly realize [out of the blue] you have a pretty good small collection already and decide that actually you wouldn’t mind spending time and money in expanding what you deem is worthwhile? For a crystal to be formed from a solution, you need a seed crystal, which is in essence a very small version of the crystal you hope to create to the solute to crystallize around. Hmmm, wonder if that works with money? I got lotsa change!

Notice how people who are extremely good at something in their “careers” end up doing things increasingly distant from their favourite activity as they head up the ol’ ladder? Like extremely talented band players end up becoming conductors or bandmasters or baton twirlers, in which position they end up composing and looking cool rather than doing what they most enjoy; playing music! Like extremely talented research scientists getting promoted to faculty heads or research grant committees where they end up doing more admin work than actual research?


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