Beyond Good And Evil

Today was exteremely satisfying, to finish one of the best games I’ve ever played [and I’ve played pretty good ones]. Beyond Good And Evil is being sold at select Popular stores for a real sweet deal of S$14.90 [I bought mine for 49bucks!! It’s worth it?!] And it’s an awesome game with an exceptional storyline, focus of adventure-style gameplay [which is really refreshing because it’s really really rare!] and the graphics are good enough for a 2yr-old graphics card [not that mine’s 2yrs old ;)]

I won’t go into spoilers but let’s just say it’s one of the very few games that actually has [abundant!] wildlife and one of your constant side-missions is to photograph them all [you’re a journalist see?]. How cool is that? How often do you get pissed off with a game cos eventually, you’ll just be beating more and more of the same enemies [Half-Life 1 definitely!!] at the same time, just in different places with different weapons?

For those in search of a game that doesn’t insult your stupidity oh I mean intellect, AND doesn’t end up getting overly heard JUST to extend gameplay hours. I didn’t even cheat; I didn’t even try. *Cheating. BG&E is really worth it and I highly recommend it. For more info on the game, click on the link above.

You know what? I should make a list and review of the games I’ve played. Anything to keep me from getting bored..

By the way, I cheat on games [occasionally]. What’s wrong? The kinda games I like and play, are played purely for the adventure aspect/storyline. And we all know what happens when the story pauses its brisk pace JUST because you don’t have the patience to figure out the patterns of how a boss fights, or you suck at button-mashing, [which makes for sucky gameplay anyway]. So.



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