Ridiculous requests!

I wish to state that
haikus are ridiculous
and should not exist.

Saw this at camp on a knitted poster:

You ask for 1 FULL DAY OFF?

You sleep 8 hours a day; that’s 122 days a year.
243 days remain.

You demand another 8 hours of recreation a day [on average]. That’s another 121 days a year.
122 days remain.

There are 52 Sundays, and 52 Saturdays [which are half-days]. AND there are 11 legal public holidays. There’re 14 days of paid leave, and an average of 2 half-days on public holiday eves.
17 days remain.

You spend 1 hour for lunch on average; that makes 16 days a year.
You only work one day a year, and you want THAT day off?


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