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> Subject: Wormholes
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> When it’s said that a black hole and a white hole parallel to each other
> topologically on the spacetime fabric can make a wormhole, how is the actual
> ‘hole’ made? My understanding is that the end of the gravitational well of a
> black hole is a dead end, not a rip. If it IS a rip, then what would it mean
> if something ‘fell out’ of the black hole?
> Please help.

Hello srivatsa,

Thank you for writing to Ask an Astrophysicist.

While the idea of using black hole/white hole pairs is great for science
fiction authors, the truth of the matter is that physicists do not see this
as a viable way to transfer objects from one of the Universe to the other.

In fact, most physicists agree with you that black holes are just a “dead
end” in the Universe
– once matter crosses an event horizon, it’s stuck
inside that black hole until the end of time.

The idea of a wormhole came about from solutions to the equations of
relativity; however, just because solutions to an equation exsist doesn’t
mean they can happen in nature. As we’ve stated in answers to previous
questions (see and ), the
physics of black holes and relativity just do not allow “tunnels” through
space and time from a black hole. At least they don’t allow for tunnels
that would be stable enough for anything with any mass to pass through.

We hope this helps!

Barbara & Ilana
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