Alternative alternatives

I should be on my way to someplace other than where I am now, but there’s always time for a quickie [blog I mean!]. You know when you say something with seeming conviction to other people, and swear by it, but you know the truth all along, and the guilt that you’re not exactly practising what you preach gets to you? It’s one of those low moments. Not exactly fun if it happens often.
The cure? Re-evaluate your principles, or abide by them. The choice can get tough if it seems as if the whole planet thinks it’s right, except the minority groups as usual. Bringing morality & ethics into the fray, I’m going to choose the flaming sword of righteousness for now [again].

Spell: Righteous Fury
Source: SpC
School: Transmutation
Class/Level: Paladin 3
Range: Personal
Target/Everyone/Area: Target

What happens when mainstream culture becomes an alternative and alternative culture becomes mainstream? [Esp so for music…who STILL listens to pop? Just a year ago, pop was IN. Now it’s R&B, cos everyone else is into R&B. Pfft! On that note, what’s so good about R&B? Really, tell me! {Not that I like pop either}]
Is there a third choice? An alternative alternative?

Oh bugger, look at the time!


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