Le Parkour

I first heard of this from a friend, LONG after I watched Yamakasi. Seriously I didn’t know what the protagonists were doing in Yamakasi was actually Parkour; I assumed that they were extremely athlectic dudes having fun with their immediate environment. I wasn’t too far from the truth.

Parkour is like a voluntary obstacle course along your usual running path. Indeed, it is described as the “art of movement” [bah the French were always flashy], invented by David Belle, and the aim of Parkour is to keep moving forward, never backward, over and across any obstacles that may present themselves. The keyword here is efficiency. The game is NOT about being flashy, it’s about bounding, jumping, vaulting, leaping past obsatcles in the fastest, most elegant way possible. Truly a sport for surival-horror fans! This sport is obviously more suited to the concrete jungles of today’s megapolises and most obstacles are manmade and extremely hazardous to the spine, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, head and everything in between. You dig? The people who practise Parkour are called traceurs [French for tracers] and most are NOT professionally trained. Which is bad, really, for such a dangerous reckless sport. No, don’t get me wrong, I think Parkour is a excellent venture into real world gymnastics that I might have been tempted to try out, had I been the right build and enthusiastic enough. BUT, it remains a dangerous sport unless you’re good at breaking falls, preventing kenee damage that is oh so common in high-impact activities. But allow me to add, it’s EXTREMELY satisfying to watch succesful efforts of Le Parkour! “No one’s ever made the first jump…”? Bull!

Back when I STILL had a best friend and a W800i [both of which seem to have vanished during the excruciating passage of time], he and I decided to parody Le Parkour during one [and the first and the only] long walk together. It was a pretty interesting idea shared among two extremely tired individuals in dire need of hydration after having walked for about 8-9 hours non-stop. I might be still interested in continuing this pet project in the near future [just wait till I get my hands on a MP camera-phone!!!] so if anyone has any ideas, then do come forward. Why parody? As they [me and my selves] say, if you can’t join em, make fun of ’em. No offence.


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