Double whammy: and then it hit me!

I was [am] watching the Matrix [yeah, again! Yeah, from the Ultimate Matrix 10-DVD Collection [ha!]] and I realised something that never hit me before. Maybe I was too blindly in love with that movie to see it but come to think of it, it sounds hasty. Sounds like a fallacy [no offence to the Wachowski Bros! That is one FINE movie!]

They are equating the brain to the mind. All those conversations about the “mind” making it real, and “freeing [his] mind” but the physical manifestation of that was to [pardon the usage] shove a conductor up a narrow orifice in the back of one’s skull [read: accessing the brain?] Why does that seem wrong?

Yeah I thought about the “conductor” not really being some kinda key [to the brain per se], but more of a transmitter of messages [electrical impulses] which directly affects the brain and not the mind [which is why you can just learn stuff that fast…Damn I wish I had that program]. And that since the brain is active, so is the mind. But, mind interfacing directly with a computer interface? That’s Ritchie Simpson’s Quantum Magic innit?

Clear my doubts, ye gods that be.


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