A friend said I had the wrong idea about being agnostic, definition-wise. So I checked it up.

Agnostic: A person who believes that the human mind cannot know whether there is a God or an ultimate cause, or anything beyond material phenomena. Thus, because he believes that a human being cannot know whether God exists, an agnostic must believe that he does not know whether God exists. However, a person that believes he does not know whether God exists is not necessarily agnostic. An agnostic cannot say whether they positively believe God exists or that they positively believe that God does not exist. [from e2]

Agnosticism is the philosophical view that the truth values of certain claims—particularly theological claims regarding the existence of God, gods, or deities—are unknown, inherently unknowable, or incoherent, and therefore, (some agnostics may go as far to say) irrelevant to life. [from wiki]

And Atheism: haha I found the ideal, elegant way of defining it. From e2 of course.

When asked by the devout believer, “How can you imagine a beautiful sunset without the hand of God?”, the atheist said, “Is it not even more beautiful if it is an accident?” How true.

I’m still agnostic!


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