Pride & Paranoia

I am very very very protective of my teeth. Protective to the point of paranoia. I’m not kidding. I’m so proud of my perfectly-aligned incisors, cuspids, bicuspids and molars that I hate myself for it sometimes. You know, the whole “pride comes before a fall” bit? Which only makes me renew my efforts in brushing to perfection.

Anyway, my worst fear about growing old is losing my teeth. I’d rather top myself than get a filling or dentures. I hope my wisdom teeth come in perfectly too, cos that’d be another one for the record. What’s unusual about this whole business is that i havent been to a dentist in ages [last time was in sec4]! And I love Sprite Ice/7-Up Ice to bits, so I keep drinking it even though I’m perfectly aware of the acid’s averse action on dental enamel. What can I say? A man is allowed to have at least one bad habit right?

I’ve been having violent dreams, for some time now. Since JC2. And I grit my teeth when I sleep. And I’m most comfortable sleeping on my chest. All these factors combined make my jaws hurt and give me the impression that my teeth are coming loose. I try to convince myself that this conviction is totally psychosomatic [the pain, the pain] but it doesnt work. I swear sometimes I can feel each and every tooth shaking in its roots and it’s scary.

Note to reader: the Colgate 360 brush sucks. I dont feel it cleaning anything. use something else. I wanna get those Oral B or Braun meachanical toothbrushes. I cant be bothered to floss tho. I guess I’ll bring around a shot of mouthwash from now on. Ha!


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