Addiction & Withdrawal: Cause & Effect

Since I believe in the power of affirmations so much [more than I believe in {insert any other urban myth you’ve heard before}], I’m going to make one right here. Cos I keep losing my personal notebooks anyway. I have this habit, an addiction. It’s not a bad thing, it doesn’t hurt anyone [well unless you consider rendered [read: imaginary] humanoid thingies and homunculi [I hope that’s the plural of homunculus] to be real, ethics-wise]. It’s not even wrong per se; in some cases it’s encouraged as an alternative to a more violent reality or even a drastic consequence. Some do denounce it, but for the most part, it’s accepted as a societal norm. But I don’t like to be a slave to its undeniable charm anymore. Its magnetic embrace, leaves me senseless while I’m at it and even hours after. I know I don’t NEED it, it’s not an essential. So I shall stop. Previously I used to set dates, but I’ve realised the folly of procrastination.

That’s it. Affirmation made; in a somewhat long-winded way. But it’s done. No more play. I shall deleted everything even remotely relating to my self-proclaimed vice immediately. No, don’t try to stop me my online brethren; I’ve made up my mind. Now or never.

Edit: didn’t work. pah. ~Nav


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